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Unleash the power of Spriv’s Unix-Linux Adaptive PAM Multi Factor Authentication, which provides you with a set of robust Multi Factor Authentication methods: Adaptive Risk Based Authentication, Push Notification, TOTP and Two Way SMS, Spriv is a proud exclusive provider for a patented technology: Unix-Linux Adaptive PAM Multi Factor Authentication and Adaptive Two Factor Authentication Remote Desktop (RDP).


Video: How Spriv’s Unique Adaptive Authentication works

To start using Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an Administrator account for your company.
  2. Download Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication Application to your smart phone.
  3. Pair your mobile phone with your new administrator account.
  4. Very important! How can I insure access to Spriv’s platform also in cases that I lost/forgot my phone?  Please follow the instructions before you start using Spriv: How to save the Recovery Code in a safe place AND How add a secondary administrator paired with a second phone?
  5. Decide which service, system, or appliance you want to protect with Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication platform:

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