Administrators Account Recovery options

In order to secure access to Spriv’s management portal, the management platform uses Two Factor Authentication technology. There are two required actions in order to allow access to your administrator account in case that you lose your mobile phone:
The team at Spriv strongly advises to follow the two steps outlined below before you start configuring your Two Factor Authentication management portal:

1. Recovery Code: Please save the “Recovery Code” in a safe and accessible location apart from your username and password. To access and save your Recovery Code login to Spriv’s portal at, enter your username and password, and click on “Support” > “Codes”.
If you lose your phone but have access to the Recovery Code, simply enter your username, password and your recovery code. The recovery code can be used only once!

So if you used the recovery code, make sure you click on “Support” > “Codes” and save your new recovery code.

Copy your Recovery Code:



In order to enter the recovery code at the Login Screen click on “Lost Phone”. Enter your username, Password and Recovery code and click login. The recovery code can be used only once! If you use a recovery code, make sure you click on “Support” > “Codes” and save your new recovery code.



2. Create a second Administrator account: Account administrators have authorization to change other administrators and user accounts status to “Bypass”. Once an account status is marked as “Bypass” two-factor authentication is not required and the administrator that loses their mobile phone can access the account just by inputting the username and password. We therefore encourage creating a second administrator account and pairing the second administrator account with a second mobile phone.

a. In order to create a second administrator account for your company go to “Settings” > “Administrators” > “Create Administrator Account” and Pair the new created administrator account with a second mobile phone. In order to pair the second administrator account click on “User Management” > “search End Users” and enter the second administrator username in “Username” and click “Search End User”. Click on the check box and click “Inite”


b. To set an account to “Bypass”: Go to “User management” click on “End-user list” or “Search End-Users” identify the administrator account.

c. “Click on the computer icon and then scroll down to “Status” and change the Status to “Bypass” “.




  • Pairing: The process whereby Spriv links one specific phone with one specific username from one company.
  • End-user: The user that is being authenticated by 2FA.
  • Account or SA: The System Administrator that has access to Spriv’s management portal and who is authorized to change his company 2FA settings.
  • Allow Always: Automatically allows access if the mobile phone is near the end-user’s computer


Important: Each company should have at least two Administrator accounts as a backup measure. In case that one administrator is unable to access the account (forgot/lost phone), the second Administrator will be able to reset the access information for the first administrator.

In addition, Spriv strongly advises to save the recovery access code in a safe place in order to allow administrator access in case that the phone is lost. For step by step instructions please refer to First Step.

Important to know: By design Spriv servers will not receive nor authenticate your end-user passwords.