Adaptive Two Factor Authentication

Seamless  Two Factor Authentication 

Spriv is the only security company with Adaptive Two Factor Authentication for SSH and RDP that offer seamless Two Factor Authentication via the mobile phone without the need for repeated manual user intervention.

Instead of requiring costly and user bothersome intervention upon every login like: SMS Authentication, KBA, TOTP, Allow/Deny Spriv will automatically authenticate your user login in real time seamlessly in the background using the user’s mobile phone data as an automated two authentication factor RBA. Because the mobile phone information is provided from a different source than the Internet transaction, your Internet user will simply continue to interact online as they normally would and Spriv will authenticate the user seamlessly in the background without user intervention. Spriv leverages a device the users already have– their mobile phone.

How Risk Based (RBA) Two Factor Authentication works? If the user chooses to allow a transaction done via a specific computer and the user’s cell phone identifies a particular environmental fingerprint then all future transactions will be automated as long as the same particular fingerprint identifiers are identified via the cell phone and the same specific computer is used.

Why should we use Risk Based Two Factor Authentication? Your users will not need to interact with their mobile phone every time they login, your users will simply enter username and password and Spriv will authenticate the computer information and mobile phone seamlessly in the background.