What is Risk Based Two Factor Authentication?

Spriv is proud to introduce the first patents sealed and patents pending technology that transforms the user’s mobile phone into Risk Based Two Factor Authentication device. Spriv’s method is an automatic, active, secondary online authentication system that can work without user intervention, replacing today’s passive, manual authentication methods that require user intervention upon every login.

Spriv transforms the mobile phone into a Risk Based Two Factor Authentication hardware verification tool. Using Spriv’s API platform there is no need for any additional hardware equipment, or to learn anything new. There is no need to interact with the mobile phone and there are no costly tokens to administer.

Simply, Spriv is online, cloud, automatic and active invisible 2FA protection. Spriv provides security for both the consumer and the provider during online authentication. After simple activation, every transaction runs seamlessly in the background.

For banking providers, Spriv delivers an essential layer of Risk Based 2FA hardware consumer verification above the standard “user name and password” method. For companies, Spriv provides Risk Based two factor authentication that works automatically in the background without user intervention.

How does Spriv’s automated two factor authentication work? If the user chooses to allow a transaction done via a specific computer and the user’s cell phone identifies an environmental wireless fingerprint then all future transactions will be automated as long as the same particular environmental wireless fingerprint is identified via the cell phone and the same specific computer is used. Some transactions are authenticated as quickly as in 175 milliseconds! Yes that’s right. 2FA, with no user intervention well below one second!

Automated Two Factor Authentication