Automated Two Factor Authentication
Automated Two Factor Authentication

Adaptive Two Factor Authentication

Spriv’s patented technology allows you to adaptive two factor authentication only if the phone fingerprint and the computer fingerprint from which the user entered his username and password match by Spriv’s Risk Based Adaptive Authentication engine. For privacy reasons Spriv will not share the mobile phone data, but only verify that the computer and the mobile phone unique fingerprint match. If both fingerprints match, then Spriv will automatically approve the transaction. If the fingerprints mismatch, then the user would be able to decide whether to approve or deny the transaction. As a developer, you will be required to provide to Spriv’s API the end user’s browser agent. Example: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.154 Safari/537.36


The pairing process will link the user’s mobile phone with his username. Simply send the user’s username to Spriv and Spriv replies with the paring number to your website as an HTTP POST. Once you receive the pairing number, you should send it to the user via SMS or present it over the web and ask the user to enter the paring number in Spriv’s application/add account.The paring number is a six digit unique number with 20 minutes Time To Live [TTL]. If user doesn’t complete pairing within 20 minutes a new pairing number would have to be requested from Spriv. Once the user completes the pairing process, Spriv will push a notification back to your website.

Pairing Two Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

Allow | Deny.  Multi Factor Authentication

In addition to automated two-factor authentication, Spriv’s platform provides an additional optional two-factor authentication that requires the user to allow/deny specific transactions.  Example: when the user makes a high risk transaction such as changing his address or transferring a large amount of money.Simply send the transaction informationto Spriv and Spriv will provide the user’s allow/deny determination.

Two-Factor-Authentication via One-Way-SMS

One-way-SMS: an SMS asking to enter a unique code on your website is sent to the user.

For example: “your one time passcode is E45U673Q”;

SMS Authentication works in more than 200 countries!

2FA Two Factor Authentication

Two Way SMS Multi Factor Authentication

Two way SMS | Multi Factor Authentication

For two-way SMS authentication, an SMS requesting an SMS reply is sent to the user. Spriv pushes the user’s reply via HTTP POST once the user replies to Spriv. For example: “Did you buy a laptop from ‘examplecompany’ for $476? If yes, please reply with “yes” and we will ship your order. If not, please reply “no” and we will cancel the order.”   Two Way SMS works in more than 200 countries!

TOTP ‘Time-Based One-Time Password‘

As defined in RFC 4226 Spriv’s TOTP provides a six digit number generated using the mobile phone internal clock with TTL 30 Seconds. Spriv’s TOTP Two Factor Authentication allows you to authenticate the user even when the user is traveling and has no internet or carrier reception.

TOTP | Two Factor Authentication

(2FA) Two Factor Authentication

SMS Passcode

Send Passcode via SMS to your users in more than 200 countries.
Example: “your one time passcode is 567390″.

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