Are there additional costs?

If you are not using SMS Then you will not incur any additional costs.

Support Included?

Support is included for the Business and Enterprise plans. Startup plan support is provided by Spriv’s online documentation and FAQ. If you cannot find your answer in the FAQ than please do send your question and we will answer it and possibly also publish it in the  FAQ.

How to set up Spriv

Install Spriv client on your mobile phone by downloading Spriv’s client from google play or Apple’s Appstore. You can then open a free account in Spriv’s site (startup account) to get access to Spriv’s API, install files, and Spriv’s management console. You can also use Spriv’s developers API to develop and test your application.

What about Refunds?

Spriv’s will refund any incorrect charges.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes. You can change your plan or cancel at any point in time.

Do I need to install anything on my computer/server to use Spriv?

If you would like to use Spriv’s remote access, then yes. You will need to update your remote server software to use Spriv as a 2nd authentication authority. To download Spriv’s software you can open a free account and download one of Spriv’s remote clients like RDP, or SSH.

Which mobile phone OS does Spriv support?

Spriv supports both iPhone and Android OS.

What happens if I lose my Phone?

Your system administrator can use Spriv’s management portal to stop using your lost mobile phone and start using a new phone as an authentication authority.

What happens if I don’t have reception or internet on my phone?

No problem, we can use TOTP- Time One Time Password-. In your Phone > Spriv > Accounts, next to your account name   click on  “TOTP” and enter the six-digit code provided by the TOTP box in your PC or Tablet.

What happens if I forget my phone at home?

No problem. Your system admin can postpone 2nd factor authentication for up to 72hr- enough time to get home even if you are stuck in LA traffic 🙂

What kind of compliances are covered by Spriv?

Spriv’s multi factor authentication is FFIEC, PCI, HIPPA and SOX compliant and doesn’t transfer any personal identifiable information (PII). The baseline requirement for FFIEC, PCI, HIPPA and SOX is for authentication. Spriv does out-of-band authentication by using two separate communication methods instead of just one and substantially improves the baseline authentication requirement.

Can any user open up to ten free user accounts?

Yes, any user can create an account without providing credit card information and start using Spriv for free. In addition, educational organizations and not for profit organizations are encouraged to contact Spriv’s presales to get a free licensing package for their entire organization.

Which features are included in my Spriv account?

Included features are: Automatic two factor Authentication, Allow/Deny, TOTP and SMS. Free account users are required to enter their credit card information in order to allow two way SMS.

What is “Bulk User Import” and how does it work?

Using the Bulk User Import feature allows you to import users from any existing platform into Spriv’s platform. You would need to export a user list from your existing platform into excel or text file and then import it into Spriv’s platform. Access the Bulk User Import tool via Spriv’s System Administrator (SA) management portal.

What is Spriv’s Management Portal?

Spriv’s management portal will help you manage your company’s 2FA platform. In the management portal you can import users, stop or start 2FA for the entire company or for a specific user, temporarily suspend 2FA for a user that forgot his cell phone at home, pair a user with a new cell phone if the user lost his cell phone or got a new one and many more options that giving you the control on your company 2FA authentication.

Can I use SMS authentication with a free account?

Yes, but you will be required to enter credit card information to cover Spriv’s carrier SMS costs.

What is the difference between ‘Shared Servers’ and ‘Custom Servers’?

Spriv allows large institutions, such as banks, to host and control their ‘Custom Servers’ in the institution’s Data Center. Smaller organizations are hosted by Spriv’s Data Center on a shared infrastructure.

What is API Access?

Any organization can use Spriv’s API along with five sample languages to develop their tailored-size 2FA protection suite.

What support do you offer?

The FAQ and Knowledgebase are the best places to start, if you cannot find your answer in the FAQ, then please do send us your questions and we will answer them and possibly also publish them in the FAQ. For our business plan we provide Email, chat and telephone support (9-6 EST, M-F). For the enterprise plan you can contact Spriv’s support 24/7 for critical issues.

How many SMS messages are included in each account?

Free accounts will be charged ¢1.5 (US) per SMS. The business plan includes 25 free SMS messages for each account per month, and will be charged ¢1.2(US) per each additional SMS message. The enterprise plan includes 50 SMS messages per account per month and will be charged ¢1 (US) per each additional SMS message.

Is it possible to roll over SMS messages between user accounts?

Yes. Spriv will count the SMS messages for your overall company usage rather than for each individual user account.

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