Getting Started with Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication

Unleash the power of Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication, which provides you with a set of robust Two Factor Authentication methods: Adaptive Risk Based Authentication, Push Notification, TOTP and Two Way SMS.
Video: How Spriv’s Unique Adaptive Authentication works

To start using Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an Administrator account for your company.
  2. Download Spriv’s 2FA Application to your smart phone.
  3. Pair your mobile phone with your new administrator account.
  4. Add a secondary administrator account for your company using a secondary phone. The secondary administrator account allows access into your company account in case that the primary account is locked or the phone is lost.

    How to add a secondary Administrator:

    1. Please ask the secondary Administrator to install Spriv’s 2FA application on his iPhone or Android. Links to Spriv’s 2FA are available in step “2” above.
    2. Login to Spriv’s Adaptive Two Factor Authentication Administrators Control Panel go to “Manage Users” Click on ‘Add Admint’ and provide the secondary administrator information including the secondary administrator’s mobile phone number and email.
    3. Go to “User Management” Click on “Search Admin”, mark the secondary administrator account and click on the blue icon for “Invite”.
    4. A pairing invitation is then sent by the existing administrator to the secondary administrator via Email.
    5. The secondary Administrator receives the Email with the pairing link.
    6. The secondary Administrator clicks on the pairing link and voila the secondary Administrator is paired.
      FYI: You can add multiple administrators to your company account.
  5. Use your secondary administrator account to log into your Company’s Administrators Control Panel.
  6. Configure your company’s settings, such as callback URL, at “Company Settings” (for detailed information about configuring your company’s setting please click on ‘Managing your company 2FA Settings’).
  7. Decide which service, system, or appliance you want to protect with Spriv’s Multi Factor Authentication platform:

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