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All plans include up to two free users and two free servers. No credit card required to sign up. Ignite the fastest Adaptive Two Factor Authentication in the world!

A real Time-Saver

Whether you have never touched a line of code or are a Code-Ninja, this Adaptive Two Factor Authentication platform is built for users of all skill levels…offering install files and also API code.

No Rocket Science

Spriv is a powerful Adaptive Two Factor Authentication platform that comes with an easy administration portal and API code samples. Set up Adaptive Two Factor Authentication in no time!


Spriv compiles multiple two factor authentication solutions into one product and also includes Adaptive Risk Based Two Factor Authentication which is the fastest 2FA! Spriv is the only company that has Adaptive Two Factor Authentication platform for Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) and its protected by several patents. Most users understand that Two Factor Authentication is a very good thing but won’t tolerate intervention every time they login. This is Spriv’s sweet spot!

How does Spriv’s Adaptive Two Factor Authentication work? If the user chooses to allow a transaction done via a specific computer and the user’s cell phone identifies a particular environmental identifier, then all future transactions will be automated as long as the same particular environmental identifier via the cell phone and the same specific computer is used. Sweeeet. Some transactions are authenticated as quickly as in 175 milliseconds! Yes that’s right. The fastest Adaptive Two Factor Authentication, with no user intervention and well below one second!


  • Spriv offers multiple two factor authentication methods: SMS, TOTP, Allow/Deny and Adaptive Two Factor Authentication.
  • Spriv’s patented Adaptive Two Factor Authentication will authenticate your users automatically in the background with no user intervention.
  • With Spriv’s technology you don’t need to train your users to press allow every time they login. When users are trained to press allow every time they get authentication messages to their phone they allow may press allow for a fraudster access.
  • Spriv’s TOTP, SMS or Allow/Deny message can be used as a third factor authentication after Adaptive Two Factor Authentication has been established – The user experience would be the same as with other two factor authentication protocols. Why use other two factor authentication methods if, with the same user experience, Spriv gives a third layer of protection?
  • Spriv’s unique technology is the future of two factor authentication: Is there another Two Factor Authentication that can let you know if your user has left his desk? What if while the user is half a mile away from his desk a process from the user’s computer initiates a connection to a foreign IP address? Wouldn’t you want to know more about that process? Will you be able to catch such process in any other way?Let’s watch what is the user’s experience while using Spriv’s Adaptive Two Factor Authentication:

About Us

Spriv’s Adaptive Two Factor Authentication platform is designed to protect your employees and your customers. Integration with Spriv is a breeze, for IT professionals Spriv provides install files and a management portal. For developers Spriv provides API with code samples in five programming languages. Spriv’s unique tool set is not just your Two Factor Authentication platform, but will also help you identify attacks quickly and in ways that no other security tool can.

Spriv’s user-friendly web interface skips the need for any data or IT integration. Simply use our demo web platform to review our analysis. You will be able to review how Spriv’s authentication works.  Spriv is privately owned with corporate headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

Try Spriv today for FREE and experience how a simple adaptive second factor authentication can be.


    Your users will not need to interact with their mobile phone every time they login, your users will simply enter username and password and Spriv will authenticate the computer information and mobile phone automatically in the background.


    With Spriv you can get three factor authentication for the same cost and user intervention as other companies offer for Two Factor Authentication.


    Hardware tokens are so 90s, With Spriv’s automatic 2FA your users will complete the 2FA authentication before getting the hardware token out of their pocket!


    Is there another 2nd factor authentication that can let you know if your user has left his desk? What if while the user is half a mile away from his desk a process from the user’s computer initiated a connection to a foreign IP address? Wouldn’t you want to know more about that process? Will you be able to catch such process in any other way?

Adaptive Two Factor Authentication


Spriv’s multi factor authentication is FFIEC, PCI, HIPPA and SOX compliant and doesn’t transfer any personal identifiable information (PII). The baseline requirement for FFIEC, PCI, HIPPA and SOX is for authentication, while Spriv does out-of-band authentication and substantially improves the baseline authentication requirement. By using the out-of-band authentication Spriv has two separate communication methods instead of just one. As you know, PCI compliance standards are forcing  two factor authentication implementation. The requirement states that companies must “incorporate two-factor authentication for remote access to the network by employees, administrators, and third parties.”  The objective of this requirement is to ensure that merchants implement strong access authentication measures

Try Spriv today for FREE and experience how a simple second factor authentication can be.

What others say about us

Ran Grushkowsky

“Forex Express is working in a very challenging environment making us the Holy Grail for hackers. Security is our first priority. After evaluating few 2FA solutions we decided to choose Spriv. With Spriv, you get 3FA at the same speed, cost, and user intervention as with our competitors you would get 2FA”

Ran GrushkowskyCTO and Co-founder of Forex Express Corporation.
Michael Dembinsky

“ is all about ease of use and high security. We found that Spriv 2FA shares these principles. Spriv provides 2FA security with an ease of use and automation that we couldn’t find from other companies. The combination of seamless 2FA, location, and API access allows us to develop an extra layer of security for our network, and to analyze data in a way that was never possible before.”

Michael DembinskyCEO at
Dror Magal

“Our SAs log in to different servers more than fifty times a day as part of their work. We tested a few 2FA solutions, and received several complaints from the SAs complained about the constant need for interaction with the 2FA interface. This was solved when we found and implemented Spriv’s unique seamless second channel authentication protocol.”

Dror Magal CEO Founder
Keith McMillen

“As a System Administrator supporting more than 300 servers, I chose Spriv because it is secure, seamless, simple to install, and allows for flexible management of our entire 2FA platform from a single portal.”

Keith McMillenVP Target Network LLC